Millet Turns Self in, Ongoing Feud with Vond-Phoenix

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On the morning of the 8th of May, Mr. Ellis Millet turned himself in, was cuffed, and taken into custody just outside the Hathian Police Department in front of his wife Meghan by the police officers on duty – Henry Drax and Annabel Lee without any resistance. Our reporter Mr. Abu Muhammad witnessed the scene, and met up with the two to learn that Ellis wanted surrendered himself because he had shot Rachell Vond-Phoenix. And later in his meeting with Rachell, it was learned how long the feud between the two really is, how the relationship has deteriorated recently, why Rachell had to shoot at Tristan, Ellis’ son, and how Ellis retorted.

Meghan described Rachell as “a psychotic stalker” who wants to “control my husband’s life and his children.” She informed the press about a time when Rachell shot Ellis’ son, and further justified the shooting saying “Ellis has been trying to ignore this woman–even humor her and try to be civil, but she won’t let up. So he couldn’t take it anymore and he shot her.”

In the meeting in their Bayou Inn Diner between Ellis, Meghan, and our reporter, it was discussed that though his time in the prison was awful and unpleasant, he did his term, which surprised the reporter – he could never imagine a person serving only 4 days in prison for shooting a person, but he was reminded that this is Hathian. Ellis described Rachell as “obsessed with my family a long time.”  He described the shooting of his son as, “she is always trying to get to me. In this case, he was in the bar, drunk, as many people do when they go to a bar and some asshole was starting shit with him. Tristan pulled a knife out to protect himself and here comes Rachell. She got her gun out and made some kind of remark about me as she aimed for his knee and he moved and she got his ball.” Ellis further went on to add, “right before I went to jail a bunch of her lackey’s threatened me—we saw a black car outside this very restaurant. She’s crazy. She tries to say she’s innocent and justifies her actions up the wazoo, but she is a psychopath. But she has too many connections and I got a record so people side with her. But I’m telling you; everything I’ve done is justified. Bitches gotta learn not to fuck with me or mine.”

On the 19th, our reporter was finally able to get the other side of the story in this very interesting feud when he met up with Rachell on the site of the shooting, at the Daily Grind. Rachell shed light on their past and mentioned history that neither had mentioned before. She described Meghan as “not exactly stable,” and justified it from “the grand re-opening of the Grind”. She described the scene such that “everyone was outside, and After the Fall was performing up on the roof. I was sitting across the way on the sidewalk and taking pictures. I look to the side, and a girl bumps into Meghan, just accidentally. She spins on the woman and tries to attack her. Full on -attack- her! She had to be held back by a few people.” She was also very confident that Meghan and Ellis were not married. This is particularly surprising because it is such a private affair and how can an outsider be so sure is something to consider.  She related various parts of the history of Ellis, with an authority that is only possible when someone has witnessed it.

She described the shooting of Tristan. “As far as Tristan goes, he is as much of an instigator as his father. He has a history of violence and sexual assault. He recently returned to town, and immediately started to say things on Twitter, making threats and the like. One day, I get a text from one of my bartenders that someone is in the bar with a knife and threatening everyone. So I go over to see what’s going on. Tristan is there, and he’s obviously on some sort of drug. He’s waving a knife around, and threatening my staff, as well as customers. Anytime I’m forced to shoot someone, I make sure to try to cause as little damage as possible. In a situation like that, minimizing the threat is the name of the game. So I tried to shoot him in the leg. He moved, and I apparently hit him in the testicle instead. I then went to HPD and served my time without having to be tracked down and arrested.”

When talking about the firing at herself, she said, “as for his most recent attack, I was here in the coffee shop a few weeks ago. Ellis came in as I was placing my order and he immediately comes over and starts yelling about obsession, and shooting his son, and he was going to ‘teach me to ignore him’, because I’d re-blocked him on social media. He shot me in the torso,” pointing to the middle section of her right lung, where she still had a scar. She continued on. “I ended up losing a lot of blood, had a seizure, and went into shock. If it weren’t for a guy being here and applying pressure on the wound, I don’t think I would have made it. His intent was to kill me, I’m certain of that. And that’s not trying to insult him. But he’s said more than once he won’t be satisfied til I’m dead.”

It is such a pity that two very nice people have such harsh remarks about the other and can go all the way to try and kill the other person. This is clearly because of either misunderstandings that have developed over various years, lack of appropriate communication, lack of reconciliation systems in the town, and the lack of a satisfactory court system that would ensure that the criminals would get punished sufficiently. If these systems are not looked at the lifestyle in the town will continue to deteriorate.

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