HPD Personal Information to be leaked!

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By: Doniella Maddox


We’ve all heard rumours of corruption with the HPD. Well, it would seem change is on the horizon. A video recording was left at the Hathian Observer recently by an anonymous source calling out the higher ranking officers of the police department for their blind eyes. The image on the video is shoddy at best, the voice unidentifiable due to distortion, however the message is clear:

An un-named organization has threatened to expose the personal information of several of the top ranking officers of the Hathian Police Department should change not be swift. This information apparently includes Addresses, Family members, Friends and contact information for the following officers: Lieutenant Kyna MacMannus, Lieutenant Tyr Colleti, Sergeant Krystal O’Neil, Corporal Circe Dionysus, Corporal Bane Keahi and Officer Barley Alsop. Included in this information is to be their list of sins.

How this organization has come to have this information and where they intend to display it was not detailed in the message, but one thing is for sure: Whoever this group is, they are serious about seeing a change to the HPD. How will the HPD respond to the threat of their personal information being made public? How many enemies have they made that would be itching to get their hands on this list?

If anyone has any information on who this group is or where this message came from, you can contact Doniella Maddox at the Hathian Observer. We can only wait to see if they succeed where so many have failed.

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