Local Shops Burn in Arson Attack

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Residents of St. Bernard parish, home to Hathian and the surrounding areas, may have noticed a strange cloud of smoke filling the city on Friday afternoon. As the Fire Department of Hathian was called to respond, it became clear that not just one, but three separate large fires were engulfing popular businesses within the city.

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Local comic book haven Comiquities, Mater Bates Inn, 24 Hour Pawn, and Civil Services were all victims to this act of arson, reported as perpetrated by a young woman, Caladan Storm. While the motivation for such an act has not been released, the damage left behind is becoming more clear as the smoke fades away. Unfortunately it has been confirmed that one resident did lose their life, a clerk at Comiquities named Dave.

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The motel seems to be mostly burnt to the ground, as does Comiquities and the home of both the city’s government and public services. How this will affect the cities ongoing budget crisis is unclear, but Councilwoman Perina McGinnis says, “Thankfully, many records and files have been digitalized, and this will not hinder our work to fix our financial issues. We’ll be in contact, though, with those affected to see what sort of help we can provide otherwise.”


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