Candidate Catch Up: Alexandra Markus

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With the fast paced nature of the ongoing election, the candidates have been busy getting their word out and campaigning around the city. I had the chance to chat with another hopeful, running for a Councilwoman position, Alexandra Markus.

Alexandra grew up right here in Hathian, where she’s lived all of her life. She was raised with four other siblings , and went to a Catholic school nearby until she was eighteen, graduating at the top of her class. She worked as a Police Officer for a short while, before going back to a job at Hathian Motors. She enjoys fixing cars, and dabbles in photography.

Thianya Kanya: What made you decide to run for council, and was it a hard decision for you to make?

Alexandra Markus: I decided to run because I feel like I can really be a voice for the people of Hathian. It’s my hometown! I saw there was an opening and decided that maybe it was time for me to be involved more. The only thing I had to make sure of first is that it wouldn’t take me away from my family, they’re number one to me, obviously. Once that was sorted out, easy decision to make.

TK: So you’re a family woman. How do they feel about you running?

AM: They’re happy for me, I’ve got their support and that means the world to me. It really does make it easier! Knowing that there’s at least some people behind you is amazing.

TK: What do you feel needs to be the Mayor and Council’s main concern when it comes to improving Hathian?

AM: I think the focus right off the bat needs to be maybe some infrastructure improvements, even little things like replacing broken benches and filling in potholes can make a huge difference. I also think that Seaside needs some more support via funds and parental support. I went to a private school because the school in-town was lacking. I’d love to see Seaside become the #1 choice for parents.

TK:  Seaside seems to be a common interest between the candidates, are there any other things you believe need improvement?

AM: The kids in town… They’re the future of Hathian. If they see that they can only get their education elsewhere, they aren’t going to want to stay when they grow up. Hathian needs kids to grow up and stay here to keep the town alive and growing. There’s always going to be things that need fixing. I’d love to see the small business get more support. Some policy changes with HPD, like maybe rehab for first time drug offenders instead of jail. However what I want might not be what the people want, so I’m keeping my ears open to hear what they want too.

TK: I know this election has been pretty fast paced, but have you started doing anything to help your causes during this campaign?

AM: I have been out there, trying to meet with people in between family time and work. I’m usually out and about quite a lot, and I’m always happy to talk to just about anyone!

TK: have you had the chance to speak with any of your fellow candidates sofar, during this election?

AM: I can’t say that I’ve seen any of them off of twitter, though Kian has tweeted messages of support!

With all the commotion surrounding the election being posted on social media, I talked with Alexandria regarding her thoughts on Twitter and whether or not she found it to be a helpful tactic when campaigning.

“I keep seeing some candidates that all they’re doing is on Twitter which, while it can be helpful, I think it needs to be used in conjunction with campaigning offline, I’ve only made a few statements on my Twitter and have been focusing my attention on getting out there in town.

TK: Out of all the candidates , do you have any who YOU’D prefer to be in office with if elected?

AM: As far as Mayor, I’m undecided at this point, but I’d love to have Kian next to me as councilperson. He’s a really motivated sort of person!

TK: What are your thoughts on the Hathian Police Department? The city is well aware of the corruption within the force, do you think this is something that is fixable?

AM:  Well, I was a cop once upon a time, but turned in my badge. I know a lot of people are promising to change the HPD, but…as someone who’s grown up here? They’ve always been this way. I view the change people want as something that would be nice, but unlikely to ever happen unfortunately.

TK: Are there any laws here in Hathian that you’d want to see changed if elected? Or any laws you think need to be put in place?

AM: Some of the punishment that gets doled out is a bit too harsh, especially for lesser crimes and first offences. You see it often in Hathian where lesser crimes even ones like loitering can get you hauled down to the station. I’d like to see some kind of middle ground, like community service for lesser crimes. first time drug offenders… How about rehab? There’s that new place that opened up that could do wonders for people!

TK: With the funding for the city being an ongoing issue, what do you think could be a good way to raise money for the things you want to change?

AM: I’d love to see some kind of fundraising event, maybe a silent auction sort of thing where some of the business’ across Hathian could donate items to be bid on. Could do a bake sale for the school, or could even try to get the kids to go around (with adult supervision, of course) and sell things, like popcorn.

“I just want voters to know that, elected or not, it won’t stop me from trying to organize things like I’ve said I wanted to do, but being on the council will hopefully give me more help in achieving those goals.”

We urge all of our citizens to go out and register to vote, polls open Wednesday Feurary 10th at 8am, and will be ongoing until the 12th at 8pm. You can place your vote at the Civil Services building on Hathian Highway, inside the lobby of the Hathian Police Department, or within the gym at Columtreal University.

The candidates need your vote to make the city a better place!

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