Nude Male Apprehended at The Gein

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Wearing only boots, an unidentified naked male approached first responders as they provided medical treatment to a patient outside of The Gein early Saturday morning.

As EMS staff tended to a victim who had sustained a gun shot wound, the nude male, who appeared to be in his mid to late twenties, began urinating in the direction of medics and their equipment as they performed treatment.

Police were dispatched to the scene where they forcibly took the man into custody. According to the police report, officers charged the unidentified man with six offenses, which include: harassment, assault, use of a controlled substance, public indecency, obstruction and resisting arrest.

FULL DISCLOSURE: The writer of this article works as a paramedic for the Fire Department of Hathian and responded to this incident. Based on his clinical observation and opinion, the writer states that the man appeared “emotionally disturbed” and exhibited signs of an “altered mental status.”

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