CU Welcomes New Coach and Track and Field Team

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Columtreal just got a little more active with the addition of a track and field team, as well as a new coach.

Bunni Crisman is also a student at the university who enrolled around late spring. Seeing no sports opportunities besides football and cheer leading, the ambitious young woman was determined to make a change.

She begin spending more time on the campus, looking for students who showed an interest in athletics who weren’t part of the Cheer squad or Football team. A month later, she begin training them and soon earlier this month, the track team was formed.
They are set to attend a state wide meet towards the end of this month.

How did Ms. Crisman pull off getting them in on such short notice? The exact methods are unknown but nonetheless,  we wish them the best and we’re excited to see the CU family expand!

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