The Leviticus Killer Strikes Again

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Since the beginning of April of this year, four bodies have been discovered by police around the city. While discovering a body here or there is not uncommon for the city of Hathian, however, these four bodies, three females and one male, seem to be the work of a malicious serial killer targeting citizens of Hathian’s LGBT community. Sources say that each victim suffered genital mutilation and had Asian symbols carved into their bodies. These symbols as a whole seem to leave one common message; the labeling homosexuality is a “Sin”. This targeted killing has prompted detectives to name this sociopathic individual as the “Leviticus Killer”.

These murders came to our attention after the fourth victim, name not released at this time due to sensitivity for the victim’s family, of the Leviticus Killer stumbled into the Hathian Police Department lobby late on last Friday night, suffering from heavy bleeding from several knife wounds. The fourth victim, the only male casualty of these heinous crimes, was able to give police a description and supposedly the name of the killer before he succumbed to injuries sustained while trying to escape the Leviticus Killer’s clutches. This gave detectives their first lead and allegedly a suspect. Police believed that these cases were closed after bringing in their prime suspect that was named by the fourth victim, a suspect who later confessed to all four murders after HPD questioning. Though this suspect’s name has not been not released to us at this time.

The plot has thickened in this investigation with an unexpected twist. While the prime suspect was in custody, another young man of the LBGT community was brutally assaulted out back behind Lou’s Bar on Labor Day. Much information was gathered as this time the fifth victim was able to actually escape with his life. March Shade, the boy who lived, was assaulted after sharing a drink or two at Lou’s with the actual Leviticus Killer, who then led Shade off for some fresh air. Like the previous deceased victims, Shade’s thigh was carved with the same Asian symbols, which we have discovered by the victim’s boyfriend, Justin Naito, to be Japanese writing and mean “Matsui” when translated into English. Shade had also sustained various other wounds from a blade while trying to fight off his attacker in order to make his escape.

Shade stated, “I thought I was going to die! He carved me up like a fucking tree! I fought valiantly for my life and I have to thank my stars that I was able to walk away today with my life and just a few cuts and bruises.”

Naito, the fifth victim’s boyfriend went on to say, “Gay bashing and other such crimes in these times are unthinkable. The person who is doing this should be punished to the fullest extent of the authorities if someone else doesn’t get them first.”

Unlike the previous four victims, Shade was able to narrowly escape with his life after injuring his assailant in their scuffle. But will the Leviticus Killer try to finish what he or she has started? After returning to Lou’s to locate the witness who was able to help Shade get to the hospital after the attack, we were able get a quote from them as well. The witness, Pepper Dawson stated, “I dunno, some little asian guy stabbed this other guy. Because he was gay or something? Uh, carved like, symbols into the poor guy’s leg. And uhh… Well was pretty freaky. Wouldn’t wanna run into him when I was alone.”

When asking the lead detective on this case, Rooke Hallison, for a statement, she would not say much but did state that, “HPD cannot comment on the ongoing case. However, I want the Leviticus Killer to know this, the net is closing. We will find you. And of course, again we would just like the LGBT community of Hathian to be aware of the danger. Don’t go out alone, and if you see anything suspicious, call 911.”

As this point in time, the Leviticus Killer is still at large. Members of Hathian’s LGBT community are cautioned to be aware and on the lookout for the suspect. Witnesses have described the Leviticus Killer as Asian, male, about 5’2-5’4 and to have light brown or dirty blonde hair. If anyone sees an individual matching this description, they are urged to call 911 or contact Detective Rooke Hallison immediately.

Though one has to wonder, if bodies have been popping up since April, why was the LBGT community and the City of Hathian not warned about this Leviticus sociopathic serial killer sooner?

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