Leader of Sumfai Dead After Fatal Shooting At Bakery

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On December 30th, 2014, Kakihara Henusaki was declared dead on scene after being fatally shot by a Hathian Police Officer at the Berthier Street Bakery. Henusaki, in the midst of a business meeting with an HPD Officer, pulled out a gun, prompting said officer to shoot Henusaki in self-defense. He was declared dead on scene.

Sources say that Kakihara had been planning his death after believing his wife to be dead. Without the guidance of Kakihara, and the instability of a comatose wife, Sumfai seems to have crumbled in the absence of leadership.

It was revealed that  after his death that he arranged to transfer all K. Industries children into former member Poe Henusaki’s half-way house, supporting the theory that he had anticipated his own death. K. Industries was a known human trafficking business. The children were adopted out for a price. With Kakihara’s death their human trafficking business will cease to exist.

Poe Henusaki, who recently found out that Kakihara was her father instead of the brother, stated that she wants the world to know that, “Kakihara died on his own terms, just like he lived.”

Sources revealed that Kakihara also arranged for Poe to learn of their true relationship before his death. Whether he was already dying that day he took his weapon out against an HPD officer, is not known. Kakihara died before anyone could find out.

The Hathian Police Department stated, “The officer acting in self-defense wishes to assure the public that they should feel safer knowing that the city is less one more criminal gang.”

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