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Columtreal University has a new lecturer in the  History Department: Jack Inkpen.

Mr. Inkpen (( Jacking Inkpen )) comes to the university with sixteen years of experience in the U.S. military, and extensive background knowledge of history, with an emphasis on U.S. History.  Originally from San Diego, California, Mr. Inkpen now resides in Devil’s Pocket.

The Hathian Observer arranged an interview with Mr. Inkpen for a “CU Spotlight” article.

Reporter:   What history topics do you plan to lecture about at CU?

Jack:    Well, I consider myself to be something of a history buff.   It sort of goes along with the territory of having been an army man for so long.  Most of my topics will cover key events in U.S. History.  My first lecture is going to be the true story of how and why the C.I.A. was first formed.

Reporter: Exactly how long were you in the army, and what is your rank?

Jack: I joined not long after graduating high school and I’m almost thirty-seven now, so like sixteen years.  I was a specialist.  Not real high in the ranks, but good at what I did.

Reporter: So, what higher education degrees do you have?

Jack: No comment.

Reporter: No comment?  Really?  Okay, well, what makes you qualified to teach college students at the university level?

Jack: As a specialist for so many years in the army, I gained a lot of experience mentoring the young men and women, mostly boys… well… eighteen and nineteen year old men, if you want to call them that… you know, the new recruits.  I’m twice the age of the average student at CU and I think those factors put me in a good position to be an advisor at the university.   As far as my background knowledge of history, I have an extensive collection of written works about historical facts, as well as access to documents online that have been made available by the government under the “Freedom of Information Act”.

Reporter: That all sounds…. factual.  Can we assume that because you are a military man, that there will be some sort of political slant to your curriculum?  Perhaps a right-wing slant?

Jack: That might seem like an obvious assumption to make, but I think my lectures will not only provide the students with some desperately needed truth about the American government, but also a perspective they may not be used to hearing, especially from an army veteran. I just hope the students aren’t prejudiced against vets the way a lot of other people in the community have gotten to be.

Reporter: There is an R.O.T.C. program at CU.  Do you plan to get involved in those activities as well?

Jack: Well, yes I do.  But, probably not in the way you think.  I don’t want to say too much right now, since I’m a new hire at the university and don’t want to burn bridges before I’ve even built them.  However, I do think that any young man or woman who is considering a career in the military needs to hear some cold, hard facts from a true veteran before enlisting and becoming the property of the United States government.

As for the nature of my actual involvement with the R.O.T.C. … that remains to be seen.

Reporter: You are a bit mysterious, Mr. Inkpen.  Can we expect to see you as a regular fixture at CU, or are you content to remain a guest lecturer there?

Jack: Well, I got family at the university too.  So, I intend to stick around for quite awhile…at least until they graduate.  I also have a lot of fascinating and true stories to share with the students that I think will not only entertain them, but actually add value to their education.

My goal is to climb the professional ladder at CU, and the students can help me do that by attending my classes regularly, which will always be listed in the CU Events Calendar in advance.

Reporter: Thank you for your time, Mr. Inkpen.  Did you have any last comments for the readers?

Jack: Go Looters!!!

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