Widow Released After Husband’s Mysterious Death

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Earlier this weekend, Myrelia Laurino arrived home to prepare a meal for her and her husband, Jay Waller. Waller, who has been suffering from stage 3 lung cancer for nearly nine months, was in his room, uninterested in food. The night was quiet, but it wouldn’t remain that way for long.

Upon his decent into the living room, he and his wife could be heard having yet another heated argument. No witnesses were there to see the goings on between the couple, but the sounds of their angry words were clear to be heard throughout the neighborhood, as few of the neighbors claimed.

Shortly after the argument began, it abruptly ended. And that’s when tragedy struck. Roughly an hour after the shouts were heard coming from the Laurino-Waller residence, a call was made to 911 by the hysterical woman claiming her husband’s death.

Police arrived on scene late that night, and found Laurino locked in her husband’s room where his remains were hardly more than ashes, as well as his bed and a beloved pink elephant. They were all burned. She was frantically attempting to gather his remains and replace them, begging the officers to save him. Covered in his ashes, weeping, and very pregnant, Laurino was detained and removed from the scene, taken to wait downstairs while the initial part of their investigation began.

After having spent the night in police supervision, the CSI team and coroner arrived early the following morning. Mr. Waller’s remains were removed from the home with the promise of ashes being returned to Myrelia within a few days.

Officer Porkins released a statement the following day. “As our investigation continued, we found inconclusive evidence of what may have caused the death of Mr. Jay Waller. Ms. Laurino is no longer in our custody, or a suspect at this time.”

Aside from the coroner’s promise of the ashes being returned, there was no other statement made in regards to the cause of death, and Myrelia has refused to comment, leaving Waller’s death a complete mystery.

Was this a simple death, easily explained by medical professionals? A suicide to end the torturous suffering from grueling months of chemotherapy and radiation? How long until the answers are revealed, and whose hands does Waller’s death truly lie in?

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