Raises Follow Layoffs At HPD

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Due to economic instability, and the already overwhelming number poverty stricken people within the city, the Hathian Police Department has decided to review the amount of staff they currently have, and trim their force.

The department has been forced to begin screening staff for layoffs. An anonymous source says that these job cuts are estimated to reach as high as 60% of the current force.

Even with this apparent lack of funds to pay staff, there is a rumor that the supervisory personnel, officers ranked Sergeant and above, are getting raises and bonuses.

The same anonymous source also claims that the budget is being thrown into the wind in regards to certain officers. Lieutenant Jack Hartigan has an expensive SUV, which is alleged to be provided by the department, and Detective Sergeant Jason Jestyr has previously totaled three unmarked cruisers. They were all replaced with no questions asked.

Hathianites are no stranger to the alleged corruption and apparent hypocrisy of the police department, but every accusation seems to be worst, or at least rival, than the last.

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