HPD: A Better Love Story?

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Rumors have been surfacing about supposed departmental love affairs. Unnamed sources have whispered that Lieutenant Hartigan has been seen fraternizing with one Corporal Kharg on and off duty. Our sources also have heard that Miss Kharg may be pregnant with the Lieutenant’s child and the two may be eloping to Vegas under guise.

When we approached Lieutenant Hartigan and questioned him to confirm whether rumors were or were not true about a possible engagement to Miss Kharg he replied with, “I appreciate the city’s interest in my personal life, but it’s just that, my personal life. I’m pretty sure Angelina Jolie is adopting another pigmy baby, why don’t you cover that for human interest.” While this answer was unhelpful he also did not deny the rumor about his engagement.

We tried to stop Miss Kharg on the streets for a quick statement and asked her to confirm rumors of her pregnancy and the engagement. She commented with “I’m not entirely sure where you’re getting this information from, but it’s nice to know that people like me enough to talk about me.” She declined further comments. No confirmation on either was given.

This reporter however did observe that Miss Kharg was in fact wearing what appeared to be an engagement ring. We are still uncertain whether or not this is just a coincidence, but if the rumors are true it seems that Lieutenant Hartigan’s bachelor days are numbered. With the Lieutenant’s notorious reputation we want to know just how long this love story is going to last?

Will there be wedding bells in our near future? Could this be the wedding of the year? Either way, we’re hoping it’ll be a better love story.

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