HPD Detective Commits Hit and Run on Innocent Citizen

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On March 2, 2013, Viktor Blanchett was hit by a police cruiser while crossing the street between Daily Grind and Lou’s. The driver, identified as Detective O’Ren Ishii, allegedly slammed on the breaks yet did not attempt to swerve, despite the lanes being clear. After the initial impact, Ishii got out of her car, out of uniform despite the fact that the sirens were on.

Ishii, while on the line with 911, insisted that the HPD should not be sent out with the ambulance. Then when the ambulance arrived she left without another word despite promising to leave her contact information. Blanchett concluded that she was being “dodgy about her information” and generally did not care about his well being.

There is no known reason as to why Blanchett was run down by the police cruiser so blatantly. An anonymous source stated, “Yes, she is corrupt. It doesn’t surprise me that she’d do something like this.” It is apparent that a corrupt cop such as Ishii did not need a reason to run over an innocent civilian.

To add to the unsettling situation, Blanchett stated that there was another HPD officer nearby who simply “stood there and watched,”  Blanchett revealed that other than the fact that the officer was male with a darker complexion, his identity remains unknown. Disturbing yet familiar behavior from many of the notorious corrupt HPD officers.

Blanchette’s wife, Eira, filed a report but was told that the HPD had to sort through a few things before actually allowing it through. At this time there is still no record of the case on file. It causes one to wonder if this will be yet another discarded HPD corruption case. Detective O’Ren Ishii was unable to be reached for comment.

Blanchett’s left leg broke in two places and he suffered from a serious of bruises from the incident. It is lucky that he got out of the accident alive, though the circumstances and the corruption behind the event remains to leave many uneasy.

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