Fang Faces Car Crash

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This weekend saw a chaotic scene outside the Hathian General Hospital, where there was not only a bomb threat, which seem to be more and more common lately, but also a rarely seen, and apparently intentional, car accident.

On Saturday afternoon, Officer Cirden Fang was forming a barricade after a bomb threat was called in outside the hospital when an unmarked black van came towards him at a high rate of speed. The van, which was driven by two unknown individuals, came towards the hospital from downtown Hathian before striking the side of Fang’s cruiser.

Upon being hit, he quickly called for back up, only for the the van to reportedly ram his cruiser again, sending the front end into the State Corner van, which was parked nearby.

With tensions high, a shootout too place, multiple shots being fired from both parties before the van in question escaped towards Black Bottom. The two suspects were not located after fleeing.

Officer Fang, who was assisted by Detective Moonshadow, received a shattered leg during the ordeal, but is expected to make a full recovery after physical therapy.

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