Criminal Confesses to Officer Assault

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Stories of officers abusing their power are not unheard of, and claims of cases not being investigated are equally common. Though, what’s uncommon is crimes against police officers going unanswered.

One woman has a problem with this, not out of concern for the staff of the Hathian Police Department, but because her assault against a police officer seemingly went unnoticed.

It started with allegations of police corruption. The woman, who only identified herself as Lilith, claims at Officer Cosmeja stole $100 from her during a routine ID check.

“I was walking to work to Lou’s, when suddenly she stopped and asked for my ID,” recounts Lilith. “I slipped and my wallet fell into the car. So, I asked it back, well, I demanded it back. I said she should give it back or I would beat the shit out of her, but she opened it, grabbed a $100 and drove off.”

Lilith then claims that Officer Cosmeja was off duty at Lou’s, and that she proceeded to get the woman drunk before taking her into the basement. It was there that Lilith tied her to a wooden pillar, beat her, and robbed her.

“Now, don’t think I’m a cruel bitch, the officer stole from me,” defends the woman. “She took a $100 from my wallet. The bitch should’ve saw it coming.”

She also sported various cuts and bruises on her hands as proof that the assault took place. Lilith also used the officer’s own radio to beat her until she was unconscious.

There is no word on how Officer Cosmeja is doing, or if Lilith received any sort of criminal charges. What is obvious, though, is that corruption seems to be gaining a stronger foothold in the department after the recent takeover.

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