Halloween In November Leaves One Injured

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Last Sunday at around 11 in the evening, a citzen was physically attacked by another man in a Halloween costume and had to receive medical treatment on sight after being assaulted with a brick.

Witnesses describe a woman that was casually approached by the victim and moments later was on the ground with a concussion.

“I was just walking home after a late night,” says the woman. “This guys approached me and was trying to strike a conversation, but even though I was blowing him off he kept walking with me. He was acting kind of clingy, but it didn’t seemed dangerous.”

The woman then describes how a man in a Batman suit came from the alley she had just walked by. “The voice and everything,” she describes.

Allegedly after the victim refused to walk away from the situation the man proceeded into assaulting the victim with a brick he was already holding on his hand before running away.

The victim refused both going to the hospital or an interview at press time.

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