Local “Pig Man” Completes The Gein Challenge

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A wave of excitement surged through The Gein Burger on Friday evening as Pablo, one of the esteemed ((NPC)) chefs, worked furiously to make the food that was intended to be consumed by the Hathian resident brave enough to take on the Gein Burger Challenge.

Milo, a self-proclaimed pig man, took to a booth as he waited to consume a copious amount of food. The challenge requires the contestant to consume a  6 pound gator burger, 3 pounds of fries, and 3 large shakes within an hour and a half time limit. If completed, the victor would receive free food for an entire month compliments of The Gein Burger.

As the food was set in front of Milo, the bystanders, which consisted of his partner Sergei, said reporter, and the new Gein manager Kirvi Caspian, waited anxiously for it to begin. When the timer went off Milo dug in, consuming the large portions with enthusiasm and vigor, determined to beat this challenge and receive free food for an entire month. The audience watched in awe at his capacity to pack it all in, cheering him on, encouraging him to beat this gluttonous challenge!

Contest34_002The clock was ticking as Milo mercilessly tore through the food, the end near in sight. He faltered a few moments, the spectators near their seats in wonderment if he could beat it. Then he came back and slurped down the last of the milkshake with only a minute to spare!

Kirvi congratulated the victor, announcing that he would receive free food for an entire month as Milo gave an exhausted snort of achievement. The rest of the bystanders cheered, impressed by this enormous feat!

On behalf of The Hathian Observer and The Gein Burger, we congratulate Milo on being the sole contender and winner of the Gein Burger Challenge!

If you are interested in taking on The Gein Burger Challenge please contact The Gein Burger manager, Kirvi Caspian, and make arrangements accordingly.

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