Family Wronged By Police? Allegations Of Torture And Abuse By The HPD

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dr bosque2_001“Several months ago, I got into a physical altercation with a known rapist Zim Bartville.. after the fight, he went down and filed a report on me. He was a rapist, he attacked a friend of mine and threatened me, but I went to jail. I had found out there was  a warrant for my arrest, I turned myself in.”  Dr Kahleesi Bosque, a physican who works for Hathian General hospital, spoke to the Hathian Observer about her alleged ordeal at the hands of the HPD.

“It all went okay, until I  vomited, almost on the Captain, but I was pregnant and upset, I mean, its kind of normal, I offered to clean it up. But vomited again, some got on the captain’s shoes.”

The formerly pregnant doctor revealed that doing this caused Captain Benjamin Stoneage to order officers to “handcuff me to a water pipe and they ran cold water on me for several hours, until my uncle came to bail me out. Never once did they check on me. I figured the worst I got was a touch of Pleurisyfrom the whole thing. But a week or so later, I was visiting a friend at Dead End, and was taken to the hospital, where I miscarried.”

Enrique Bosque, Dr. Bosque’s father, also reached out to the Hathian Observer to talk about claims made by his niece of torture by officers of the HPD.

porchrosie2  “My niece, Rosie, also beaten, tazed and dragged by her feet two blocks… then hit with a  high power hose with scalding water. Because of some jealous cop, Steph. She stopped Rosie and then lied and said she had fake I.D and she resisted arrest.” Mr. Bosque claimed.

” I know my Rosie is not perfect, but, she does not lie. I saw her when she got out, she had to be hospitalized for her wounds, after she was let out..” He added.

Perez also spoke to the Observer, confirming that she suffered torture at the hands of Officer Coy. With claims of an induced miscarriage and torture under orders of a high ranking officer of the law, Captain Stoneage and Officer Coy, what would the Bosque and Perez family expect to happen?

““I know as well as you, these kinds of people, there is no way to stop them other than death, and I in no way condone murder, it makes the murderer no better than the dead. He will not go anywhere. He will continue his reign. That is the reality of this town.” Doctor Bosque replied. She added that the Captain “needs to lose his position.”

When asked about what the family wanted, the doctor stated:”I am not sure I want payback more than justice. If justice were to be served for the first time. You know I mentioned my one time in jail, over self-defence, but not one of the people who attacked me went to jail, even with the police standing there, they just let them go.”

Warning the HPD, Enrique Bosque called out for justice or “or I call my people, if I call my people, bad things will happen in this town.”  Unavailable for comment, the HPD did not deny or confirm the allegations but the tension in the city between the HPD and citizens seems to be building to breaking point.




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