Bomb Scare on Hathian Highway

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Friday, April 12th the center of the city was cordoned off, in what appeared to be a bomb scare. Hathian Police rushed to put up barricades and held back onlookers as a bomb squad truck was seen rushing to the scene. A technician in full protective clothing then unloaded a robot that could be seen approaching a black SUV with a logo inscribed with the words ‘Catalyst’ on the hood. The remote controlled robot proceeded to smash the vehicles windows and extend an arm inside, presumably with a camera relaying images back to the bomb squad technician. After the robot appeared to do a thorough search of the vehicle the bomb squad officer could be seen approaching the vehicle and did a final manual search. Shortly afterwards he approached a police officer, the area was declared safe and the cordon removed. Officers on the scene refused to comment on what was behind the operation or who owned the vehicle, which was seen being removed and taken away by a police tow truck and was later seen being unloaded at the AS Forensics Lab in Vodou. This reporter approached Det. Sgt. Moonshadow for an official comment on the incident to which she replied “Go away”.











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