Confessions of A Crow: Crow Gang Member Admits To Murder And Attempts Sacrifice Ritual After Prison Release

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Clio Clary aka Pariah Crow
This location is where the murder and attempted sacrificial ritual took place
This location is where the murder and attempted sacrificial ritual took place

Deranged serial killer Clio Clary, also known as ‘Pariah Crow’, confessed to the killing of Officer Tymur Yazov  during an attempted attack on a reporter of the Hathian Observer.

Clary was apparently arrested and sent to prison for the murder of Yazov among several others. Yazov was apparently killed on February 16th of 2013  on the beach at the end of Bourbon street. He died from severe blood loss and being hit by a blunt object to the face as well as by several fatal wounds caused by a hatchet found by the scene of the crime. This hatchet was later examined by the forensics department and was able to link Clary to the murder. Eye witness reports corresponded to the description of Clary who has an unmistakable scar that stretches from her lips in a sinister smile, resembling the Joker from Batman. She was arrested shortly after the murder was reported by an anonymous call placed to the police.

Clio Clary aka Pariah Crow
Clio Clary aka Pariah Crow

Officer Tymur Yazov had apparently been murdered by Clary because he had refused to confess his love to her. Sources state that Yazov and Clary were together but their relationship ended before Yazov became an officer on the Hathian Police force.

According to the reporter -who wishes to remain anonymous- Clary attacked her outside the Hemporium on Bourbon street, dragging her towards the beach in an attempt to sacrifice her with a blade the Crow was carrying with her, appealing to spirits to “bring back Tymur” who she confessed to killing because he had broken off their relationship. The reporter managed to escape when Clary broke down on the beach after the confession, after injuring the reporter in the leg and bruising her face.

Clary has a long history of mental illness and has received pyschiatric treatment at the hands of doctors from Hathian General Hospital before. A source revealed how she took on a ‘new identity’ as Pariah Crow, a traumatic betrayal involving her sister Doctor Madison Gardner and an ex boyfriend led to her developing a dissociative identity disorder. Since then, she has been treated for several breakdowns. As a member of the notorious but elusive gang, the Crows, Pariah Crow has been seen back in Hathian and still poses a threat to citizens even though she was supposed to be released from Harvey Federal Institute when she no longer posed a threat to others. With the possibility of more violent episodes it may not be long before Pariah Crow strikes again and causes more fatalities.


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