Exclusive: Clam Security Sofia Keolanui Speaks Out On Reject Attacks On Clam

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Sofia Keolanui is held by Officer Maramoshi after dealing with Reject member 'Regi' Reginald Wallace.
Sofia Keolanui is held by Lieutenant Muromachi after dealing with Reject member 'Regi' Reginald Wallace.

“The Rejects and their little minions can try to do things, they can try to intimidate people, but it won’t work. I shot one of their little boys, and I won’t hesitate to shoot the rest of them if they keep starting shit.”  Ex-gang member and new Clam employee, Sofia Keolanui gave the Observer an exclusive interview on the many attacks that have plagued The Clam.

Earlier this week Regi Wallace,23,  an alleged associate of the Rejects, carried out a spate of attacks on employees at The Clam along with other members of the gang, identified as Piper McAuley, 21, and her husband Quint McAuely,25, at separate intervals. The husband and wife had visited The Clam on an apparent shopping trip and after exiting the store, they insulted Clam clerk Kait Faircloth, 19. This lead to a fight, with the clerk being brutally beaten as she tried to defend herself against the two, with little success. The cops were called and she was rescued by the efforts of  officer Narumi who called for backup and chased the pair down an alleyway. Officer Narumi  and his colleauge, reinstated officer Artoo Belic, were unsucessful as two female assailiants attacked the officers and prevented their capture, with a squad car being taken by criminal Jennifer Brown, who crashed the car into a wall and was later arrested.

Wallace had turned up at The Clam on a separate day, targeting the manager of the store, Kelly Lokaria, shooting her in the arm near the shoulder, causing her to collapse as the police were alerted by bystanders. An officer was sent to chase after Wallace, but he escaped and returned the next day, to create more trouble. “Shoot meh if yah gonna shoot meh, don’t fucking pretend and go half assed,” Wallace was overheard stating to newly employed security, Keolanui, 28,  as  she prevented him from starting a fight at the store by using her baseball bat to attack Wallace, already informed of his attack on her boss.

Keolanui is arrested by Lt. Muromachi after beating suspect Wallace with a bat

“Don’t come back here, or next time I’ll go for the head, an’ that goes for anyone connected to you, do you fucking understand?” Keolanui was overheard by eyewitnesses as calling out as she pulled a gun out on Wallace, shooting him in his side, causing him to collapse against the wall of the store, before Lieutenant Muromachi arrived on the scene, slipping from the back entrance and standing in the doorway, aiming a gun at Keolanui to hold her in place as he interrogated the two, Wallace bleeding and unable to move at this point.

Keolanui agreed to be interviewed in order to warn the Rejects that targeting The Clam will not go unpunished.

The former Phantom gang member spoke to the Observer, agreeing to an interview. She revealed to the paper names of several of the gang members and issued the statement at the beginning of this article as her own personal statement and warning to the gang. She stated that: “The attacks apparently started a long time before Kelly offered me a job, apparently the Rejects are up to their usual bullshit, sending their minions out to harass people.” Also adding that “Regi shot Kelly a couple days back and decided it was a good idea to come by the Clam again. I hope I showed him that it wasn’t.” When asked about the reasons behind the long running attacks on The Clam, Keolanui claimed: “They’re Rejects. I’m pretty sure they don’t ever need reasons for anything, considering that most of them are fucking insane.”

While it remains unclear what the real reasons may be for the Rejects keeping up a constant stream of attacks and harassment of the Clam employees, Keolanui hopes that they stay away from her place of employment, counting Lokaria as a friend, not just an employer.

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