Gun Fight Rages In Front Of The HPD

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Gun fight rages in front of the HPD, with two arrests made by officers.
Gunshot wounds injure both Officer Gutter and criminal Monk Leborski

The Hathian Police Department was the scene of a brutal attack Monday as a blazing gunfight between cops and several criminal figures took place, with officers being assaulted by three figures intent on injuring and possibly murdering officers at the HPD. The officers – who were and currently are on strike – were attacked by three individuals who seemed to have joined together in a vicious attack on the cops, leading to guns being drawn and a gun fight following shortly with several officers being present at the time, including Lt. Sora Senizen and Officers David Gutter, Jakson Polik and Cruz Shipley.

Criminals “Zero” and Monk Leborski, alongside Lauren Russo had tried to attack and ambush officers of the HPD, but were disarmed and beaten back by officers, who then cuffed them and waited for the paramedics to arrive. Two criminals were injured after the police were able to successfully disarm them, using  force in order to detain them once they had been overcome by the four members of the HPD. Lauren Russo had taken flight, assaulting officers before being chased by Lt. Senizen when she took off, successfully evading capture and being detained by the angry officers.

Gun fight rages in front of the HPD, with two arrests made by officers.


Police have been on strike for the past few days, but this gun fight shows how criminals such as Zero, Monk Leborski, and Lauren Russo are not afraid of taking on the law – even bringing themselves to the doorstep of the HPD. The HPD might be avoiding the problems on the street by dealing with the big issue of budget cuts and the unappreciative general public – which have been badly recieved by most of the force naturally – but the criminals are still out there. Although it seems as if the HPD don’t need the reminder after the gun fight.

Monk Leborski taken down by officers after trying to assault them


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