Man Tortured, Rejects Suspected

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Late on the first of November, a man, identified as Nikolai Berezovsky, was found near death on the beach of Hathian after being pushed out of the destroyed building near the pier.

A group of people at the beach saw his body hit the water, and instantly jumped into action and pulled him out of the ocean, as well as calling for medical assistance.

Responding to the scene was Xantos Blaisdale, lieutenant of the Hathian Fire Department.

“He was in rough condition when I got there. Severe trauma, broken bones.” reports Blaisdale. “He was in a state of shock and not breathing.”

Now in hospital, Berezovsky has been upgraded to stable condition, but is still being monitored closely. One of the noticeable injuries the man has suffered is a rather large carving on his chest which reads ‘REJECTS’.

“As a physician, it’s not my job to come to conclusions about the criminal activity involved.” says Dr. Adam Stratten, the medical professional that responded when the man was brought to the hospital. “..but, I believe the investigation has been aimed in the gang’s direction.”

The Observer was unable to question the victim, still being heavily sedated, but Stratten insisted that the trauma physicians have been doing their best to try and ensure survival.

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