Hathian or Baghdad?

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Gone are the days when we had to watch the news or movies to see bombs blowing buildings to a pile of rubble. Nowadays we can just look out our windows instead to see the action live. Or so it would seem from these recent happenings.

First Rader, the record store slash Reject hangout, being burnt to the ground along with the shack known as Will’s place, also believed to be a Reject safehouse of sorts. Ignoring the fact the fact the former of these targets is too close to Hathian General for comfort, the whole situation might be closed an eye on.

But when a gang war starts directly effecting citizens and their homes, something has to be done. And that is exactly what happened with the Chevalier Place, a large house home of Tre Chevalier-Teardrop, owner of the now destroyed Gein and Manager of Social Services here in Hathian. This place was bombed to the ground, rather than simply burned, in the friendly neighbourhood of Fishtown nonetheless – the district housing Seaside Primary and High School.

The destruction there was not just a burning, but an all-out bombing described by the neighbors to be so powerful it shook the ground and shattered glass windows of nearby houses. It could be described as a miracle that nobody was hurt in the blast or the subsequent fire, the house being very luckily empty at the time.

Also thankfully the attack was carried out at night, making it less likely to hurt children coming from or going to school, or even innocent passers by simply going about their day. As Lieutenant Heindrich Andel of the HPD reports, the authorities are still awaiting the Fire Department’s analysis report on the explosives used to tear down the building so violently at the time of writing.

Also according to the LT, the bombings of Chevalier Place and burning of the Ace warehouse in the Northeast part of Vodou were carried out by the Rejects as revenge for the burnings of their own locations. The witnesses apparently present for the bombing of the Fisthown residence are yet to be questioned, our reporter has been told by the authorities, but they assured us nobody sustained any injuries although the structure is very much beyond any hope of repairs.

The short interview with Lt. Andel was concluded with the man’s personal belief that no more bombings and arson were expected, especially after the increase of Police patrols on Main Street and the affected areas. But this belief was proven wrong by the subsequent bombing of Gein Burger, the fast food joint owned by the same Tre Chevalier, located right across the road from Hathian General.

Witnesses from this blast report injuries actually having been sustained by a number of people, as the Gein is a rather popular spot in town, apart from being a known Ace ‘turf’. Victims this time around included a Police Sergeant as well as customers although luckily early enough warning was provided to prevent loss of life.

Many are asking themselves how many buildings will have to blow up before seriously effective action is taken. Perhaps it is time to call in the cavalry, so to speak. Homeland Security or the FBI since these repeated bombings can be considered acts of Terrorism. If this vicious circle of violence is not somehow broken soon enough, we might be living in a ruined town full of rubble and skeletal structures before we even know it. We might end up asking ourselves – is it safer to live in Hathian or Baghdad?

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