Local Detective Shot, Critically Wounded

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Hathian – At approximately 11 pm last night (10/26/08) detective Julias Sirnah was shot and critically wounded on the 1100 block of Vodou Highway, in front of the police station.  Detective Sirnah was seen in a confrontation with Captain Newman, and Lieutenant Pera.  It has been rumored that there has been hostilities between both Newman and Sirnah over the past few weeks, say sources inside the police department.

Lt. Pera has been on maternity leave recently as tensions began between the two officers. While there were not witnesses to the crime itself, the Department released this official statement.

“Three officers were standing in front of the station today when a lone gunman drove up in a 1960 Impala shooing and critically wounding one detective in a drive by shooing, the car red, was a low rider, the driver a black male age 20-25 with black hair was using a mac 10. I am not going to comment further on a ongoing investigation”

With the latest issues inside of the department with rumors of curuption, racketeering, and embezzlement, the department has been in hot water.  Police are continueing the investigation in what happened, stay tuned for further updates

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